Wanna Hide Something from a N*gga, Put It In a Book

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"This is about us!

I, D. Haynes The Author, wrote a book for and about US, the Black community, and the title of this book is
Wanna Hide Something from a N*gga, Put It In a Book.

And that's exactly what I did. I gathered the things that they wanna hide from a "n*gga," and I put it in a book. 

​This book is a self-help book for the Black community.

I have to admit that I didn't exactly come up with the title. It is a phrase that I heard growing up in the Black community on several different occasions. This book, and ultimately the entire company, is the result of the sad truth that this phrase is still relevant today. There are always exceptions to the rule; but generally speaking, our children's reading and writing levels are low. 

Our ancestors fought and died to learn how to read and write in secrecy, despite the dangers if they got caught. It was illegal for Blacks to know how to read and write. Yet, our ancestors relentlessly strived for the opportunity.

Because of their sacrifices, we have the opportunity to read and write today. Thanks to technology, we have books and information literally at our fingertips. Our opportunity is now. 

My goal as a writer, and ultimately as a business, is to stand as a resource to the Black community.

We will continue to take advantage of the opportunities we have now, as we continue to create new ones for ourselves and others."

Paperback • 207 pages • published 2017

Condition: Good

Note - wear and handling on top of spine.