Mocha Books is an online bookstore, founded in 2017, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Inspired by a family of readers; the mission of Mocha Books is not only to promote literacy, but to foster a love of reading in the home and community. The Goal of Mocha Books is to promote positive self-images, encourage creativity and thought by providing a curated book selection that highlight black and brown characters. 

The selection of new and used books are for all ages that either include characters of color and/or written by authors of color. Another focal part of Mocha Books is to highlight books by indie authors that most often don't get a lot of exposure. We also offer family friendly events and literacy resources.

Statistics show that reading at least 20 minutes a day will have a positive impact and build a lifelong reader. While encouraging this, it is important to include books that are diverse, that will open the mind to a world outside of one's own view. It is also equally important that youth have the opportunity to read stories that look like theirs, with characters that look like them.


Shionka McGlory + Mocha Books + Tulsa Magazine



Since 2011 I have dedicated countless hours, working in various roles within my community to provide resources for youth and families in under-served areas. 

In 2013, while homeschooling my children, I faced a challenge to find books that highlighted black and brown characters as the main character. I wanted to find books that my children would enjoy, with characters that looked like them, beyond black history books.

Since then I have dedicated my time to find such books and most importantly to find books that are written by black authors. It has become my mission and passion to create a space (Mocha Books) and do my part so that families do not face the same challenge.