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Hey booksquad! dedication to literacy stems from my love and work as a mother (of 2) and educator. My journey has included homeschooling in a child-led environment and as a youth worker for after school programs and an emergency shelter. It was during this time that I became increasingly aware to our lack of color in literature - stories, characters and writers. Since then it has become my mission and passion to create family friendly spaces and services to my community that promote color in literature, a love for reading and community engagement. - Shionka

Statistics show that reading at least 20 minutes a day will have a positive impact and build a lifelong reader. While encouraging this, it is important to include books that are diverse, that will open the mind to a world outside of one's own view and to offer youth stories that look like theirs, with characters that look like them.

Why Mocha Books? Mocha is defined as a dark brown color and books are, of course, the focus of this space. Thus, the creation of Mocha Books. A space that highlights characters and stories of color in literature. 

Here's a brief timeline 

March 2017 Mocha Books founded as an online bookstore

August 2018 - Opened a tiny bookstore and reading room in Tulsa, Ok. 

Summer 2020 - Mobile Mocha Books is coming soon! 

Inspired by a family of readers, the mission of Mocha Books is to promote literacy (for all ages), and to foster a love of reading in the home and community. It is equally important to promote positive self-images, encourage creativity and thought and provide a curated book selection that highlight black and brown characters and/or written by authors of color. 90% of the books featured/stocked are by indie authors.


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