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Madame C.J. Walker's Road To Success 

Momma Did You Hear The News 

Anything But Pink 


I'm A Big Brother\Big Sister 


Pinky Promise 

Doc Like Mommy

Zachary Goes To School 

Listening With My Heart 

Daddy did you hear the news 

Princess for hire 

Beautiful wonderful strong little me 

Not all superheroes wear capes 

The sister keepers book series 

Ahni and her dancing secret 

If Rapunzel were Rachelle 

Marleys Beach Adventure 

Andrew and the time machine closet The warrior queen 


Ebenezer the sneezer 

Hair, Its a family affair


Aiden the basketball star


I Will Always Love You 

A Dream Came Drew

There's A Person On Top Of My Bed

Free To Be Incredible Me


Unwind, Up, Up & Away

Why Bedtime Sucks

Little Me Is Destined For Greatness

Ramses and The Great Wonder

Big Brother's Little Problem

Nefertiti and The Great Lakes

Jade's Journey

Honcho Hates Mud

Ashti Meets Birdman Al

The Gifted Guitar

Carefree Like Me Ch. 2: Sacra The Joyous

Remy Takes Flight

What About Adjoa

Simone Visits the Museum

Julia Bops To The Beat

Ava Learned to Sparkle

Who Do I See in The Mirror


Ivylocs Episode 1 Tee Tee's Wedding

 I Should Have Never Joined A Gang

Sophie Washington: The Snitch (book series) 

The Fight Between The Sun & The Moon

Ask Uncle Neil: Why Is My Hair Curly?

Little Me Wants To Be

Optimistic Olly

My Toilet Is Bigger Than Yours 

Golf It Is

Hey Baby - Deja's New Adventure 

The Hoopstar


Oh Charles Book Series


How I Met Lewis Howard Latimer




The Summer of Chances 

Like Vanessa 


Darker Shades of The American Dream

Perfectly Imperfect: A Collection of words and thoughts Volume 3

A Daughter's Prayer