• Mocha Books offers consignment, pending a book review. Consignment, an agreement between parties to sell goods in exchange for a nominal fee, allows Mocha Books to stock a wide ranging collection of books from indie authors.


  • Depending on season sales, we also offer wholesale purchasing. This is done twice a year.


  • All books stocked at Mocha Books are carefully selected. A review of your book is required to ensure that content is suitable and align with our mission.


  • If accepted, we will promote your book(s) on our platforms, list & sell on our website & Tulsa store/reading room, as well as vendor markets. 


  • Please note that Mocha Books cannot guarantee that your book(s) will sell simply because it's listed; however, it may increase sales to have the added exposure on our platform and social media outlets. 


To be considered, please download our guidelines and agreement form. 


If your book(s) has previously been reviewed and you would like to set up a consignment agreement please email with "consignment" in the subject line.


last updated 03.26.2020