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As an Independent, Black owned bookstore we understand just how financially challenging it can be to start and sustain a business. Therefore, we offer several affordable services for authors, illustrators, publishers and other literacy organizations.

Below are virtual / local services for authors AND for daycares, schools and other organizations. 



Your title must feature Black & brown protagonists and/or be a story penned by BIPOC writers. This is inclusive to African American, Latinx and Indigenous people.

You are welcome to send a complimentary copy for review, labeled as below. This copy will not be returned and does not guarantee a review. Due to the demand, you will only be contacted if further information is needed. 

PO BOX 481205
TULSA, OK 74148



Our inventory is shown/sold at our pop-ups, mobile bookstore, books fairs and in office.

Consignment partnerships are offered year round, pending a book review (and completed consignment form) to ensure that content is suitable and align with our mission. This allows Mocha Books to stock an extensive collection of titles from self-published authors. 

If accepted, you will be contacted by the email address that you provided on your form. Once you agree to our consignment terms and send the required amount of books we will list your title(s) on our website and  promote them on our platforms.

Please note that Mocha Books cannot guarantee that your book(s) will sell simply because it's listed. However, marketing by both parties (consignor and consignee) will increase visibility and potential sales.

For questions, email with "consignment" in subject line. 



Author Profile $15 - Includes author image, bio, book cover and details, links to social profiles and websites. Name will also appear in upcoming newsletter. Most recommended and purchased. 

*If there is enough interest we will look into a directory for publishers and illustrators.*

Blog Interview $10 - Includes author image, book cover and details, link to purchase book and a set of detailed questions.

Virtual Interview $30- Includes 30 minute interview via Instagram (live),  Zoom (pre-recorded) or other suggested platform --- open to authors, illustrators or other literary agents/organizations.

Instagram $10 - Includes 1 (approved) image, caption and hashtags --- open to authors, illustrators or other literary agents/organizations. You must approve branded content/tags on Instagram.

Website Feature $10 - Announcement on our website homepage. Includes 1 image and announcement that is no more than 3 sentences. Link to redirect. Feature will post from Mon.-Sat.

Monthly Newsletter $15 - Feature in our upcoming newsletter (no more than 5 sentences), image and URL link --- open to authors, illustrators and other literary agents. Newsletter pdf is available to download and print from our homepage. 


Let Mocha Books host your book signing and/or read aloud in Tulsa or virtually. For details or questions, email with "Hosting Inquiry" in subject line.



storytime / book fairs






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